Let Richard Parry show your bank how proper enrollment practices can fix the synthetic identities problems introduced by traditional KYC (USA) and PSD2's AML.

Many great technology companies in the risk, fraud and identity space too often face significant challenges closing a sale because their message gets lost in the delivery - when the client speaks risk management and operations, and the company speaks fluent technology.

Parry Advisory provides advice to venture capital firms and their start-ups, emerging businesses, as well as mature companies expanding into the financial services industry, in the domain of fraud, identity, and authentication risk management.

Offers strategic counsel on:

  • Developing unique messaging about risk solutions technology in the language of risk managers, not that of developers.
  • Tailoring client pitches on risk solutions technology to specific business applications and operating environments.
  • Selecting and prioritizing target markets.
  • Identifying and introducing potential clients.
  • Navigating how clients can operationalize products or services within their business processes.
  • Organization and strategy

We can be part of your team at client pitches and business development meetings, adding client-side depth and breadth of experience in fraud, identity, and authentication risk management to your client interactions.

Parry Advisory is a member of The Authenticity Alliance.

Participates in several Federal Reserve payments initiatives and was an active member in the Secure Payments Taskforce.

In summary, we help you to see you from your client’s vantage point, enabling you to tailor your work in a way the client can see the solution and not the jargon. In doing so we can help you hone your technology into a solution, not back a problem into technology.

Available to sit on Boards and Advisory Boards.