Speaking Engagements

Richard has conducted over 100 public speaking engagements on identity, authentication, remote-channel and cross-channel risk, and always emphasizing the importance of effective defects and gaps analysis and problem statements.

Richard teaches managing risk, not indignation.


  • Cyota User Conference 2006

    • Your data is out there, get over it! Managing risk under any other assumption is irresponsible.
  • Experian Vision Conference 2006

    • Cross-channel Risk
  • EWS Conference 2014

    • Onboarding New Customers with Confidence
    • Surge in Synthetics:
      • Driving KYC and AML Compliance Risk
      • Exploiting a false sense of security around our reliance on identity “confidence” scores and the current system of inferred identity.
  • RSA 2014 (breakout)

    • Bust-out rings
      • Problem recognition must be seen beyond direct victims (the institutions/agencies that incur a loss).
  • ISMG Fraud And Data Breach 2017

    • Blockchain: Fidelity is not Accuracy
  • NACHA 2018

    • Synthetic Identity: What it is and Why Should You Care
  • Securing Digital Identity 2018

    • When Black Swans Become Geese: Avoidable Pitfalls in the Path to Digital Identification